Someone’s disappointed they only killed 6 people last night.

Killing wasn’t the point.

But it is a side-bet they make in orchestrating these things. Someone lost 20 quid or a bottle of champagne or their 2nd favorite child sex slave. No I’m not fucking kidding.

The inferno wasn’t the act of local youth or Muslims.

But we’ll probably hear that it was.

Scapegoats will be marched across the coals of our heartless media.

Ten years later they’ll be exonerated but broken from their time behind bars.

The ruined lives of the Hoi-Polloi are of no concern to those entrusted to house them.

The perpetrators were those who live in homes that will never be burnt.

Their homes don’t have piles of garbage blocking their one emergency exit.

Their homes are exquisite, maintained, protected by servants and keepers.

Their servants make too much to qualify living in a place like Grenfell.

The people who lived in that roach-infested fire-trap were fodder. Ants to the guilty parties.

They needed to get rid of the ugly. They needed to do that old insurance dance.

Someone made a shitload of money from that fire.

While several families will struggle to afford the funeral expenses.

The health expenses to recover from injuries will drag dozens of others down for months or even years. Some people will never be the same. That was a dirty, toxic fire.

Just another attack disguised as NORMAL, NORMAL, NOTHING TO SEE HERE.

It’s the perfect time! Not just because better-heeled housing is springing up all around that area. But because now is the time for TERROR.

Have you noticed what’s going on around us?

Everyday we are inflicted with horrifying heartbreaks.

Unimaginable divisiveness is commonplace.

We are being incited into a frenzy of fear and panic, rage and misguided action.

Don’t fucking fall for it.

It’s far more nefarious and targeted than we’d ever want to imagine.

Stand your ground and be the one helping. Be the one who is kind.

Many are dismissing this psychopathic bullying and rushing to the aid of those under siege.

This is what being true to Spirit is about. Helping, caring. Just Caring is important!

Someday it might be you.

No one is exempt from this terror.

You don’t have to be poor. Your skin can be any shade.

From their point of view, we are all garbage.

The sacrifices of life made in war, commerce and civil life all feed a demonic bloodlust. Ignoring this fact is cognitive dissonance. What is happening goes against all principles of LIFE. But because we were born into it, we can’t see it.

Their M.O. is always to go after the most vulnerable.

The most powerless.

Women and children.

The sick and disabled.

People who’ve been discriminated against for generations because of the color of their skin.

Stand Together.

Reject this madness on every level you can perceive in your world.

The undaunted compassion inherent to the Human Heart is our only weapon.