They hide our true history because information is power.
Magical fucking POWER.

Made of love, yo.
That’s been shattered into fragments.
Slivers of glimpses still enthrall us.

How many times a day do you have self-hating thoughts?
Critical, degrading ideas about yourself and others?

So many clouds between us and Us. This world conditions suspicion, fear, self-loathing.

The way the Earth is now is not the way it was.

Several times over.
Massive breaks in consciousness.

Spanning billions of years.

The great forgetting is deeper than we’re allowed to speak.

All we’re supposed to remember is self loathing reminders to keep busy. To fall in line. Conform. Believe everything you’re told. Crush what is different inside you and others.

I have little facts myself. Glimpses and jumps in time, bodies, structures, places, planets. Photos I was born mulling over turn into video clips. I feel what it means to be in that moment. I’ve figured some things out I think you’d like to hear. These memories persist and I am compelled to share. I want you to remember too. Sometimes I’ll see echoes of memories in popular media, but it’s always skewed, leaving such important bits out. Twisting things into untruth or inversion. We are barred from the whole truth. I guess some of us remember and we’re here to fall on that sword.

Here’s some basic stuff to start with:

Seeding and cultivating planets is just something that certain people do.
It’s benevolent entertainment.

Planet-skipping to check-in on developments over the last hundred thousand years.

Fun stuff!
For most. Some prefer destruction, domination.
The whole building armies of slaves kind of mindset. People like that jump around planets. Cultivating fear, not life. In fact, they follow life everywhere just to destroy it. That’s their fun stuff.
Those fuckers are in control now.

They’ve been in control so long that the human consciousness is infected with their hate and destruction. Embedded into all of our DNA for more generations than we can count. This is part of the great forgetting. A thorough brain-washing that spans eons.

The first cultivation of humanoids on Earth were at a level of awareness and compassion unimaginable to a needy monkey brain. There was little distinction between the humanoids and what we refer to animals. The spirit of Life was once all equal & sacred. Animals still hold out hope humans will return to their senses and once again recognize our true brethren. But they smell the burning flesh of our holocaust butcheries every day.

This is a bloodlust beyond hunger. Beyond indignant rage. It is not of this mother Earth, our Goddess, Gaia. It is not the destructive rage of oceans or storms. They serve no purpose to Life. Their agenda is desolate lifelessness.

It was an act of war that destroyed species. Ripped the symbiosis between the sexes. Crushed the natural psychic senses of our species. Turned some of the most honorable and courageous races into speechless pets. They ground their genetics down from great creative and enlightened beings. The sphinx’s head was once a cat. Replacing it was one last jab to the kidney of the great alien cat race. Connections were shamed away by defamation. Communicating with animals some kind of sinful, dark witchcraft. ffs.

Our faithful canines were once a royal and powerful peoples. Their only legacy left to recognize is we kept the name of the star where their ancestors still reside.
It’s as simple as that. Huge shit went down and now it’s a word for a dot in the sky. That’s all. No more questions. Eat your Doritos, kids.
It took millions of years to whittle us all down. At times great disruption was caused to the land, creating the many extinctions and waves of crippling atmospheric changes. There was a Pangaea. It was purposefully ripped in two. There were several continents sacrificed or permanently altered as Gaia and her stewards braced for and defended attacks.

The modern psychopaths in charge are desperate to re-create that awesome, earth-ripping power. They know Gods are just other assholes with better technology.

They plan to destroy us, absolutely. But there is a exquisite essence in our suffering. To make all life suffer for as long as possible is part of their game.  They murdered those who protected Gaia, smeared their memory and made their unofficial role of gods an official one, with great oppressive, murderous power.

Those of us who began here did not consider ourselves gods, would never entertain such nonsense. Much of that truth is defamed, twisted. Modern concepts about ancient peoples is filtered through prejudiced, fearful, hateful and ignorant reporting. Worse yet, often directed to specific falseness by those who know the real stories and work to conceal it at every level. What we were was more like scientists. But motivated by completely different concepts and methods.(ET)
What was cultivated here, in the very beginning of Life on Earth, was done so with great Love, curiosity and deliberation.

The Earth was far different then as well. The power within the Earth was an aura, a sheath of healing light. They finally destroyed that accessible sheath less than a million years ago.
There are pyramids throughout the Earth that were built over several million years, adjusting and building more as the land shifted from these brutal attacks.
They wore us down. The attempts to bind that solid energy field failed.


Inside the Mountain Temple

Many of us retreated to mountains that still produced that light. We spent hundreds of very long lifetimes just working as healers in mountains. We carved the temples out of the crystalline stones. Refracting and manipulating light to serve all chambers. The light of the human body easily seen and cleaned, corrected.

The attacks on the Earth brought great illness upon all peoples.
Our services were needed our entire lives.
But later shifts of the Earth shut off that access, folded those mountains under the next and the next.

It’s been a rough ride.

At this point I just don’t know if we have a chance to save ourselves.
We are under attack from the same brute consciousness that we’ve been brainwashed into believing is how it’s supposed to be.
You don’t need to be an interdimensional weirdo to see how this colonial mind shit goes down. Take a look at Mars & Venus to see what these fuckers love to do. Both were once living planets like our gorgeous Mother Gaia.

We’re watching her die. We’re allowing it. Cattle can’t save the farm from fire, they burn.

We accept the decimation of life as rote.
They’ve got us right where they want us.

So why bother telling you about this?
Because I don’t see it in the headlines, I don’t hear it from other people.

Except, yeah, often batshit weirdos seeking attention.

So maybe that’s what I am.
They say you don’t know you’re crazy when you’re crazy.
But I remember US.
I remember and can name what I know every single one of us LONG FOR.
I feel like if I speak it, it will resonate for you.
Because we were all there.
All of us carry this history.

So why aren’t we allowed to access it anymore?