Gratitude is far more than what we may imagine at first.

It is giving gratitude not just for what we have or who we love.

It is gratitude in every action, every opportunity to serve.

Every interaction & movement effects something else.

Our needs dependent on another being’s toil, travel or suffering.

It is interwoven into all life.

But humans have forgotten it is not our right to simply take and offer nothing.

Every aspect of who we are is colonialism, it doesn’t matter how much you live in kindness. We were born into a construct that smothers our sense of inter-connectivity.

We are born into fear and therefore desperation.

We are lied to in every conceivable way about what we are and how we are meant to function.

Fully giving gratitude is acknowledging how others make room for us in the world.

Others being not just people or places. It is all living things. It is the air. It is all objects.

The floor we walk upon. The air we breath. The water we use.

It was once the only way we functioned – in Gratitude and loving exchange.

This modern construct unimaginable in it’s disregard for intrinsic connection.


Once one begins to make gratitude a constant part of their consciousness, we expand into the place our mind and spirit are meant to dwell at all times.

This is true Freedom & true Rebellion.

Before, existing was an exchange of energy and acknowledgment of mutual needs.

Not just between humans. There was never any question about the consciousness that lives in all beings, objects, land, water, air. Over millions of years this intrinsic knowing boiled down to deities. Each inscribed with elemental powers polluted with the manipulation of greedy humans. Distilled further into the rote obedience to insanely skewed ideals that push forth anything that is organized religion or spiritual organization. There is no balm there but more falsehoods to explain our suffering.

A suffering so deeply a part of the human consciousness that we now don’t even question it. We are meant to believe it is our honorable burden. It is not. It is a massive mindfuck persisting through millennia and genetic memory.

Now existing is endless trespasses for which no one needs apologize.

This was the beginning of the break in our collective consciousness.

Divide & Conquer.

The colonial mind rules. It is what we are taught is right.

Take what you want from where you want because you want it.

Waste & discard with no thought to how things came to be. What impact they will have after serving it’s use. No thought on the consciousness or value that lead to this or that being in our hand.

I did not know these things because none of us are brought up to know these things.

Some parents are more aware than others, teaching conservation and responsibility to their young. But even this is only a fraction of what we once existed as.

Water was the first to awaken me to what once was.

This information is available to all of us.

If you feel calmed by the ocean or lakes or rivers or time in your bathtub, you are hearing part of her message.

She gives, always.

When you take, do you consciously extend gratitude to water?

Water is always to be thanked, out loud, in song, in mind.

Think of all the times you’ve used water.

Shit’s alive and loving you, yo.

Try to remember to give thanks in all your daily encounters with water and you will see it is a practice that must be cultivated.

It is onerous. What we see in modern institutional religions is a bastardization of this ancient way of living. It became rote, in-authentic. Boiled down to rushed platitudes before meals or on days of gathered worship. Just a dim echo of it’s origin.

Like all true prayer, it is not the words faithfully memorized. It is only the feeling that one should naturally emanate. It is a rusted and creaky machine held in the deepest part of our collective consciousness. We have the power at any time to begin using it, breaking through the cobwebs. Lubricating it with our true discovery of gratitude in every small manner of existing.

Gratitude to serve the kittens food.

Gratitude to the tortured and murdered people in my cat’s food.

Gratitude to nurture herbs and plants. To watch things grow.

Gratitude to provide another living thing mercy from elements and suffering.

It is constant. Gratitude to the floor as I trod across. Gratitude to the Earth beneath the buildings.

It is not just giving thanks to the apples I eat. It is to the seeds and all the trees who came before this one apple. It is to the orchard owner. To those who labor to harvest and package the fruit. To the Earth for the oil that drove the trucks to the market.

Living gently and acknowledging the consciousness of all things must be the underpinning of my life. Any other way and I become ill.

In every instant of life I must live in gratitude.

Knowing every way I was born into living is wrong.

It’s impossible to escape the spell we are all born into.

This discard everything world.

We take it all for granted.