via Daily Prompt: Harmonize

Comfrey. Cilantro. Parsley.

Turning the bathtub into an anemic swamp.

Sweetgrass and sage smoke throughout the building

Neighbors long resigned to sacred smoke pushing away

their beloved cigarette stenches.

I am invulnerable to groupthink in my quest to heal.

Everything is medicine when you are an nth of what you once were.

It’s a drag getting old before your time.

But then, it must be your time, yeah?

But while I’m here I must fight it.

I study and experiment all methods never suggested or understood by any of the white coats and educated arrogants that poke, prod and drug me as their professions demand.

Submerged in my murky makeshift temple

built inside sheetrock walls meeting always at 90 degrees

I sing to each level along my broken spinal cord

Calling to water’s healing caress

Imagine all the damage smoothed

all myelin restored

Each level success when perfect tuning is sustained

A few hours of relief

A vision of hope:

This is temporary

As long as I sing clear


into the multiverse.